You’re going to have to kill a lot of people.

Seriously. If this is actually your goal you’re going to end up being a genocidal dictator that makes Hitler, Stalin and Mao look like amateurs.

There’s a lot of people (billions!) on this planet who love their own people, their families, their nations, their traditions, their religions, their own languages and they won’t be bowing down to Serge the self appointed digital god. This wuwu-transhumanism world might work if the world population was mere millions of progressives and liberals BUT it’s not. It’s billions of people, most of whom cling to irrational beliefs and ideologies that are utterly incompatible with Transhumanism. You’re going to have to kill these people.

Great authors, like Dostoevsky have warned us that revolutions are almost always never worth it. Revolutions may over throw an old hierarchy that has grown fat and corrupt BUT there’s almost always very high cost in blood. Look at any revolution in the past hundred years and tell me that the thousands or millions of innocent lives lost were worth the change in government — where the new elites abuse their power and the people just like the old elites did. How many revolutions in the past century actually improved the well being of the people? Very few of them…

Serge here is proposing the mother of all revolutions, we should be very wary of these Transhumanist authoritarians…

I did a narration here this section of the article

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